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Alpha Institute provides a caring and committed environment to youth in need of educational, vocational and life skills training.
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Since its founding, Alpha has relied on campus-based self-help activities to underwrite training for at-risk youth. Alpha’s wood prodcuts for the home or office are known for quality and customization.  For bespoke items please contact us anytime. Click here for our catalog online and we ship worldwide. All items, like the ice cream scoop, cheese board, corkscrew set and salad tongs below, are made from fine woods including Blue Mahoe, the national tree, which is sourced from our property in Mandeville.  (more…)

The Sisters of Mercy have been leading Alpha since 1890 when it’s founder, Jesse Ripoll, joined the sisters after 10 years of running the 40 acre property with three friends and colleagues. Upon joining the sisters Jesse Ripoll took the name Mother Claver and launched a community of Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica which endures to this day and is responsible for youth welfare, academic and skills training in Kingston and Mandeville. Meet a few of the sisters who have made contributions to Alpha and Jamaica over the years. Meet Sister Goretti and her predecesors at Alpha, Sister Alphanso, Sister Thecla, Sister Mary Liguori and Sister Marie Terese. (more…)

From his role in Jamaica’s first smash hit, Millie Small’s “My Boy Lollipop”, to his eclectic contributions to Jamaican jazz and reggae, 85-year old Jamaican guitarist Ernest Ranglin is the elder statesman of Jamaican music. Challenging him for the position might be 86-year old Edward ‘Tan Tan’ Thornton, a graduate of the Alpha Boys School whose training at Alpha launched an amazingly varied work experiences–from performing with Eric Deans Orchestra as a teenager to a Beatles recording session as a young man and now with Rockabilly Punk outfit Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. Pop Up Music JA is pleased to partner with some of Jamaica’s most influential musicians on this, its debut release. Click here to purchase. (more…)

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The first Sisters of Mercy arrived in Jamaica from Bermondsey, England in 1890.
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