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Alpha Institute provides a caring and committed environment to youth in need of educational, vocational and life skills training.
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The National Gallery of Jamaica came alive for the gallery’s Last Sundays programme June 30 which began with Sparrow Martin and the Ska Sonics blessing the place with wonderful music and knowledge. And then, 150 people filled the the lower and upper gallery for the International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) auction. Paperboy JA, the local IRPC print partner, and The Denizen JA,which contributed paintings inspired by the contest, helped to make the event a signature weekend event. All partners are glad to announce proceeds in the amount of  JA$412,749.98 in support of Alpha’s academic and vocational training for at risk youth.


The Alpha Institute is pleased to announce limited edition International Reggae Poster Contest prints are now available to the public using Alpha’s online store ( Proceeds will support Alpha’s educational and vocational programmes. The new “IRPC Limited Edition Alpha Prints” series of poster art is made possible by the International Reggae Poster Contest and its partners, Paperboy JA and VIP Attractions. Prints will be available in the Alpha shop online ( and will rotate on a monthly basis in order to introduce new international artists and new ways of looking at music and the arts. 


The National Gallery of Jamaica’s Last Sundays programming for June 30, 2019 will feature the return of the International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) charity auction for the first time since the 2012 debut IRPC exhibition and auction. The professional and student images of the posters selected for auction are now available to review. The auction continues a relationship with the International Poster Contest started in 2012 and all proceeds support training at the Alpha Institute.

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