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Alpha Institute provides a caring and committed environment to youth in need of educational, vocational and life skills training.
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On February 17th, Sister Benedict Chung, RSM, and Sister Miriam Krusling, RSM, celebrated 120 cumulative years serving the less fortunate with friends and family at St. Paul of the Cross Cathedral in Mandeville, in the central parish of Manchester. Sister ‘Mimi’ is based in Mandeville at St John Bosco Institute for Career Advancement, a brother school to the Alpha Institute, where residents in need of a place of safety and day students receive academic and vocational training. Sister Benedict has been running the Laws Street Adult Training Centre in downtown Kingston for decades. Both have tirelessly devoted themselves to their community, their neighbors and those they serve.


Eleven (11) students from Alpha Institute participated in a peer leaders’ training exercise conducted by the National Council on Drug Abuse under its recently launched National Ganja Public Education Programme. The aim of the workshop was to create awareness of youths on the changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act; engage youths in frank and guided discussion about ganja usage, while building decision making skills in relation to the use of the substance given the associated implications on their health and future development. (more…)

The Landscaping trade at Alpha is led by instructor Akin Housen and is a stepping stone to teamwork, employment, certification and training in Basic Horticulture.  The coursework is divided into three parts: Practical Skill, Practical and Theoretical Knowledge and the class participates in two field trips to private gardens in and outside of Kingston. Graduates of Alpha’s landscaping program are able to demonstrate proper safety and a useful knowledge of soils and soil treatments. Students learn best practices in plant farming and maintenance as well as the business of landscaping. Special thanks to a great corporate citizen, Camcorp Industrial Ltd, for donating the overalls to the Landscaping program! (more…)

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