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Alpha’s keen appreciation for development extends beyond the classroom and even beyond the completion of the program. Indeed, the transition from school to work is of special importance for all students. In the case of music, Alpha music performance and technology graduates  have represented Alpha and Jamaica in places like Colombia and England for professional development opportunities. Read more about the experience of Alpha Institute past student Sajay Watson (pictured) in the British Council’s “Backstage To The Future” event production workshops. (more…)

The annual end of term Christmas lunch brings together staff, students and guest speakers for an upbeat end of year celebration made possible by The Lions Club of Kingston.  Entertainment by music students, music instructors and alumni are important to the celebration as well. This year, student and staff soloists were joined by Alpha past students Joven McCarthy, on soprano saxophone, and Devon Campbell, keyboard. Listen below!


Reggae icon Johnnie Osbourne (click here for bio) returned to Alpha for the first time since leaving as a graduate of the music program. A former trumpet player in the Alpha band, Mr Osbourne switched to the choir where he learned he had an excellent pitch and the rest is history. Songs like “Come Back Darling”, “No Ice Cream Sound”,  “Truth & Rights” and many more are considered classics for reggae fans worldwide. Mr Osbourne used the opportunity to gift Alpha an honorarium he received for performing at the October 2018  American Friends of Jamaica Hummingbird gala event in New York City (click here for more info).


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