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Alpha Institute provides a caring and committed environment to youth in need of educational, vocational and life skills training.
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Approximately JA$1million was garnered for the aspiring young men of the Alpha Institute through a fundraising mission on Friday, June 2 at the Spanish Court Hotel. The Alpha 137 Anniversary Dance hosted some 250 supporters of the institution in commemoration of its 137th anniversary. (more…)

Friends of Alpha and the Young Diplomats in Jamaica are pleased to present an exclusive live music and Jamaican sound system cultural experience at the Spanish Court Hotel on Friday, June 2, 2017 to benefit the Alpha Institute in recognition of 137 years of Alpha’s service to Kingston and the nation. 100% of proceeds will benefit Alpha’s vocational and educational programming. (more…)

Photos: Mr Kowalsky

From April 4 to August 13, the Jamaica Jamaica! exhibition at Cité de la musique – Philharmonie in Paris, France brings together rare memorabilia, photographs, visual art, audio recordings and footage unearthed from private collections and museums in Jamaica, the United States and Great Britain. Also providing a platform for young Jamaican artists, the exhibition is a loudspeaker for the voice of a people—a powerful wail that has been ringing out internationally for decades through its music. (more…)

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