July 31, 2017

Registration closed September 10. Please contact the front office for the next registration date.

Alpha’s training programme concentrates on vocational training in Music Performance, Music Production, Woodwork, Landscaping and Barbering.  The Alpha curriculum emphasizes Math and English development as well as life skills training.

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Alpha is a Heart training institution and all students are invited to sit for City & Guilds exams. Alpha may also provide additional assistance, including but not limited to, transportation, nutritional and counseling depending on the needs of the student.

To pick up an application at the school visit 26 South Camp Road (the entrance is facing Stewart’s Auto Sales) or call 928-1345.

School fees are $3,000 per term.  Applications for enrollment are available at Alpha Institute (26 South Camp Road). I would also be grateful if it is possible to recommend perhaps 5 contacts at local Kingston community development organizations who I might be able to share Alpha’s information with.