September 7, 2017

Rev. McDowell, pictured above left and Najay Pearce, second from right, are representing Jamaica and Alpha at a regional music technology workshop.

Alpha Institute, formerly Alpha Boys School, is pleased to announce Rev Don McDowell, Audio Engineering Instructor at the Alpha Institute and Najay Pearce, a member of the Alpha Institute’s Music Technology Class of 2017, are being supported by the British Council to represent Jamaica at the two-week-long Backstage to the Future: Caribbean, Skills Training for Outdoor Live Events workshops in San Andrés, Colombia. Pearce’s music technology instructor at Alpha Institute, Rev Don McDowell, will help to deliver the workshops in the capacity of a trainer for the regional exercise.

Watch the video below…

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Alpha instructor and student working together in San Andres.

Nominated by Alpha Institute, both McDowell and Pearce were among a list of nominees submitted to the British Council by stakeholders in the Jamaican Music Industry. “Pearce has demonstrated a passion and discipline for audio production and mixing. His tutors in Radio Broadcasting and Disc Jockey Techniques agreed he was most deserving of this opportunity,” shared McDowell upon learning Pearce was selected.

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Pearce, second from left, with peers representing various Caribbean countries.

The programme, an initiative of British Council Colombia, will focus on providing training and skills development opportunities to 15-25 young people from across the Caribbean, Colombia and Venezuela, through the delivery of a training session to be held in San Andrés from August 31st – September 8th, 2017. Trainees will then get the opportunity to put their new skills into practice, during the Green Moon Festival in San Andrés. This technical skills training programme will focus on sound engineering, light design, stage management, live event production and management, and community arts.

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The workshop is connected to the Green Moon Music Festival, a popular annual Caribbean music event.

Rev McDowell has played an integral role as a trainer and adviser in the establishment of music technology programmes at the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS) and Alpha Institute. He has also taught at Edna Manley College, is presently the Director of Education of the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) and Board Member of the Jamaica Association of Composers Authors & Publishers (JACAP). Most recently, Don served as Chair of the Musical Performance Standards lead group at HEART/NTVET.