January 8, 2018

Photos by Andrew T.

School has yet to start so our roving student #AlphaStudentPhotographer Andrew is still in Mandeville at St John Bosco Career Advancement Institute in Mandeville where the Sisters of Mercy operate a residence and employment training centre for youth in need of skills development. Andrew writes, “This is the best place to be especially if you want to become a successful person in life. This is the beauty of St.John Bosco. Very colourful! Thanks be to God for the Sisters of Mercy.”

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Andrew is a second year student at Alpha in the music program. Andrew spends time at Alpha during the week and returns to Mandeville in the central parish of Manchester on the weekends. Traveling between places, parishes and elevations, Andrew is an ideal person to share photos about what is happening at Alpha Institute in Kingston and the St John Bosco Career Advancement Institute in Mandeville. St John Bosco is another vocational school sponsored by the Religious Sisters of Mercy.  St John Bosco trades are rural based and include animal husbandry, butchering and hospitality service. See some of Andrew’s first photos below.

xmas andrew
To start, Andrew sent a picture of some of his own handywork, the St John Bosco Christmas tree which Andrew and his friends helped put up this past weekend. Andrew writes… “This is a very nice Christmas at St John Bosco. We all enjoy doing this because it is very fun to decorate. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!”

Thank you Andrew! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!