January 31, 2018

Eleven (11) students from Alpha Institute participated in a peer leaders’ training exercise conducted by the National Council on Drug Abuse under its recently launched National Ganja Public Education Programme. The aim of the workshop was to create awareness of youths on the changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act; engage youths in frank and guided discussion about ganja usage, while building decision making skills in relation to the use of the substance given the associated implications on their health and future development.

Alpha Institute is among 100 schools island- wide, selected to participate in the programme. Four sessions were conducted onsite over the period January 15- 17 and 26, 2018. On February 5, 2018, the students will each receive a certificate of participation along with a peer counselor’s badge. This will qualify them to host interactive sessions with their peers.

The boys were quite enthusiastic about their involvement and the benefits derived are invaluable. In addition to enhancing awareness, the experience will help to hone their leadership skills and serve as a self-esteem booster.