March 12, 2018

The work experience program at Alpha Institute is designed to provide students with hands-on experience and up-to-date insights in their respective trades. The experience also allows students to interact with industry professionals and thereby experience the social, ethical and vocational  realities of the work environment in which they will be seeking employment in the near future. Work Experience is made possible in part by the People Bridge Foundation.

Alpha’s Director of Counseling and Assessment, Mrs Pryce, says the work experience can have immediate benefit to Alpha students. “I spoke to an employer this morning who is quite enthused about Alpha trainees. The employer asked if the student can work on weekends. Another employer is also impressed and contemplating hiring the student after work experience ends.”

From March 5th to March 15th students who  completed approximately 12 months of training in their respective trades worked  off campus on work experience. Once on the job, students are assigned an expert to whom they can be meaningfully engaged and tasks that will facilitate learning and exposure to standard trade practices. In the process, students learn safety measures as well as values and attitudes that will increase chances for success for years to come. Alpha will receive additional feedback from its employer partners and students. In this way, Alpha is preparing itself for the 21st century workplace and smoothing the way for a student’s to transition comfortably from school to work.

The People Bridge Foundation has a worldwide reach and focuses on small-scale activities that produce large-scale results. Its vision is to sow modest seeds that will bloom and expand into significant and sustainable contributions to society.