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The Reggae 101 experience offers visitors the special opportunity to play reggae music with alumni of the Alpha Institute on the school campus. You’ll get the real feel for the music from those who have lived it. We’ll walk the grounds of the school, see each of the training areas offered, and meet current students.  Check the details below and visit the Airbnb page to see the reviews and when the next Reggae 101 is ready for booking!  (more…)

In celebration of Alpha’s 138th anniversary on May 1, 2018, Alpha is pleased to give back to the school’s supporters a special musical gift–a pre-release copy of the song “Just What It Is” (Pop Up Music Jamaica ) recorded by the acclaimed guitarist Ernest Ranglin accompanied by Alpha past students. Indeed all the musicians donated their services with Alpha, and you, our friends and family, in mind. We are grateful to them for their generosity and their music and we look forward to sharing it with you.  (more…)

Students and staff put on quite a show yesterday, Thursday, May 1, 2018, in honor of 138 years of Alpha, all of which have been spent at 26 South Camp Road, in Kingston. See the photos and videos below which we hope captures the wonderful work of teachers working closely with students to present a true showcase of vocational and discipline as well as the excellent example set by the Religious Sisters of Mercy through Alpha’s history.  (more…)