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Three young graduate musicians and the musical director from the legendary Alpha Institute (formerly Alpha Boys School) are making their way to Brixton in south London on 23 August to connect with local young musicians, for a week long project at Raw Materials studios. This special project, hosted by Raw Material, a key centre for young musicians  in the heart of Brixton and sponsored by UK ska band Madness (named after the 1967 Prince Buster song) and National  Baking Company Foundation in Jamaica is a partnership with Youthsayers Afrobeat and Ska youth band, led by Soothsayers front man Robin Hopcraft, Raw Material young artists, Raw Material’s creative programme manager Marc Brown and Madness. (more…)

Alpha’s training programme concentrates on vocational training in Music Performance, Music Production, Woodwork, Landscaping and Barbering.  The Alpha curriculum emphasizes Math and English development as well as life skills training.

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Alpha is a Heart training institution and all students are invited to sit for City & Guilds exams. Alpha may also provide additional assistance, including but not limited to, transportation, nutritional and counseling depending on the needs of the student.


July 21, 2017, Norman Manley International Airport

The official Jamaica55 launch at Jamaica’s main gateway to the world included a special Alpha Boys Band performance from past students, including a large set of the most recent grads. Patrick Garrell, still a student and about to enter his second year, deserves special mention.

The Alpha Boys Band the celebration with a 1-hour performance of pop, ska and roots reggae music. Andre Palmer of Fab 5 Band as well as Sparrow Martin and Andrew Christian of the Ska Sonics added uplifting solo performances. See the photos below!