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As the second week of the 2017-2018 academic year drew to a close, some significant figures came together in a small room at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Arthur Wint Drive, St Andrew. Those ‘figures’ were not only numbers, but also persons. For it was the fifth awards function of Jah Jerry Inc, the foundation named for the late Jerome ‘Jah Jerry’ Haynes, OD, guitarist with the Skatalites band, who died 10 years ago.

Haynes’s son, James Haynes, asked rhetorically, “where would the Skatalites be without Alpha?” before announcing that four “top-of-the line computers, fully loaded” were being donated to the institution famed for its output of musicians. The gift was accepted by the Alpha Institute’s Margaret Little Wilson.

Denver Smith needs help to fight colon cancer. Denver is a past Alpha student who has overcome so much already. With the funds raised earlier this year, Denver was able to travel to Mexico where he received two months of intravenous treatment. The progress was dramatic with scans showing disappearance of two of the larger tumors and a small but visible reduction in size in the largest.

Use the email denvershealing@gmail to donate on PayPal or click here to visit Denver’s Facebook Page.

Denver has been advised that he is eligible for surgery to remove the remaining tumor. The surgery, which will be done in Mexico, will be followed by intravenous treatment. The cost for the surgical procedure is US$25,000 which includes fees for the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and the hospital. Another US$15,000 is needed to cover airfare, intravenous treatment and accommodation for the period after. (more…)

Rev. McDowell, pictured above left and Najay Pearce, second from right, are representing Jamaica and Alpha at a regional music technology workshop.

Alpha Institute, formerly Alpha Boys School, is pleased to announce Rev Don McDowell, Audio Engineering Instructor at the Alpha Institute and Najay Pearce, a member of the Alpha Institute’s Music Technology Class of 2017, are being supported by the British Council to represent Jamaica at the two-week-long Backstage to the Future: Caribbean, Skills Training for Outdoor Live Events workshops in San Andrés, Colombia. Pearce’s music technology instructor at Alpha Institute, Rev Don McDowell, will help to deliver the workshops in the capacity of a trainer for the regional exercise.

Watch the video below…