Who may attend Alpha Institute?

Training is available to young men (15-19 years old) who are residents of Kingston and in need of employment skills. For information about admissions please click here.

Is it possible to make a donation online? 

Yes. we recommend PayPal and created a donation page (click here) which makes it possible to make a difference in the life of Jamaican youth with just a few clicks. Alpha is very grateful for your support and consideration. If you have questions our administration would be glad to chat further about the format most convenient to you. Please feel free to call 876-928-1345 or send an email to alphaboys1.school AT yahoo DOT com for more information.

Can I request that my donation be directed to a certain activity?

Yes. We would be grateful to know what you would like to support.  Please send an email to alphaboys1.school AT yahoo DOT com to request more information.

Does Alpha accept visitors?

Yes. We encourage visitors and offer a special tour for students and anyone interested in the Alpha experience. We do request at least 24-hours notice. Our VISIT US page has more details.

I am interested in volunteering. Who may I contact?

Click here for information about volunteering and service learning online. Volunteering is coordinated through the main office at Alpha Institute. Please feel free to call 876.928.1345 or send an email to alphaboys1.school AT yahoo DOT com for details.

I would like to collaborate with Alpha. How do I send a proposal?.

Alpha is grateful for the interest of partners in Jamaica and around the world. Please send a detailed proposal to alphaboys1.school AT gmail DOT com.

I am a member of the media. Who should I contact about my story?

Depending on the nature of the story, Alpha will connect you with the appropriate department or staff member. To begin, please send a description of the story, the intended news outlet and your contact information to alphaboys1.school AT yahoo DOT com.

I do not see the answer to my question. Is there someone at Alpha I can be in contact with?

We would love to hear from you. Please send your inquiry in writing to alphaboys1.school AT yahoo DOT com or to Administrator, Alpha Institute, 26 South Camp Rd, Kingston 4, Jamaica, WI